Why We Do Science

"Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science." 
-Edwin Powell Hubble

Science is everything and everywhere. From the sunrise in the morning, to the black hole that occupies our galactic center. The car you drive, to the vitamins you take. The device you are reading this on, to the hydroelectric dams that power these devices.

But more than a body of knowledge, science is a way of life… It’s an embodiment of our unrelenting efforts to understand, our best and brightest endeavor into the unknown. Through it, we see the world more objectively, we examine its beauties in more detail, and we arrive at truths that allow us to communicate and connect in a fundamentally candid way. Bound by evidence, science stands in the way of ignorance, of petty bias, and liberates us from prejudice. It is the language of understanding, of knowledge, of the human spirit. It is not limited by district, or nation, or even planet. From the smallest, to the biggest, science does not discriminate.

To see, taste, feel, think, and live! A result of billions of years of chance, of blind evolution, the magnificence of our capabilities and existence in itself is truly dumbfounding.

We have been presented with a rare and precious opportunity to participate in perhaps the noblest efforts in human history: To understand ourselves and the universe.

So keep questioning, keep learning, keep exploring, and keep moving forward. You never know where your discoveries will take you. To live any other way would be cheating yourself.

-Daniel Shorr (2015-2016 President)

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