Science Olympiad 2016


"Smile, Dryw!"
Missing Daniel during a phone call
Found in Invasive Species test room
It's About Time, Robot Arm, Nate, and Brooks
"I'm a forensic scientist."
Jason loves his new pants. Just kidding, but the rest of us do. (ds)
Playing some games to pass the time. (ds)

Sophomore, junior, coach

Grats, Miyu! (ds)
I'm not saying this was the coolest victory high-five because I got
to be a part of it.  (ds)
Great job, Jason! (ds)
"Don't try this at home, and don't ask how I learned this." (ds)
This is looking like it's going to become an annual meetup spot. (ds)
Selfie down the line! (ds)
Go team!

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