Thursday, January 11, 2018

Meeting Notes 1/11/2018

2:20 PM - 3:30 PM
Adding Machine
Levi brought in a old victor adding machine.

Double the Fun
Two Presentations for the price of one!!!!!

The first one is our weekly Science in the News.
I think these images say it all.

Today the host of Science in the News, Laney, gave a presentation on the multitude of ways in which humans can die a horrible death including but not limited to radiation poisoning, asteroids, or a super volcano. In other news, there are devices that can detect melanoma (skin cancer) to detect it early on.

 This 2 for 1 deal also included a presentation on whales by Sonja. It was on the evolution that has led to modern day Cetaceans. Turns out, the predecessors of modern day Cetaceans had legs.

Techno Bowl is a fun event that will be at the University of Washington on February 24th. It is similar to Science Bowl but a lot more relaxed. There will be prizes and each member of the first place team will get a raspberry pi.

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