Thursday, October 12, 2017

Meeting Notes 10/12/1017

Presentation: Effect of increased temperature on the Ocean
Leonard and Robin presented a power point about the effect of increased temperatures on the Ocean. They first talked about causes of greenhouse gases from deforestation to fossil fuel. They finished by talking about how this increased temperature and how decreased oxygen saturation due to increasing temperature affects sea life.

Activity: Match Rockets
For the second half of this meeting we worked on match rockets which involved making a rocket with only a small square of aluminum foil and one match. Dr. Fraser showed us his rocket which made 22 squares. Next it was the students turns and after many rockets which got a score of 0 squares and a few negative scores, there were a few which made it from 1 - 11 squares. Afterwards, Dr. Fraser taught us the design of his super secret and complicated rocket.

next meeting: 10/19/2017
For the next meeting we plan on figuring out the specifics of our Science Olympiad teams.

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