Friday, September 23, 2016

9/22/16 Meeting Notes

Hi there! It was so nice to see lots of people come back for the second meeting of science club! Lots happened at Science Club on Thursday, from a building project to deciding who would participate as staff of the club. And of course, there's always some Science in the News to enjoy. Let's take a look:

Science in the News

(University of Bath)

(Johns Hopkins, U. of Science and Technology of China, NASA)

(MIT, Tel-Aviv U.)

Welcome, New Staff!

Elections were held today for the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and a new position this year - ASB Representative! The Science Club is proud to have elected Sonja Marcus, Jack Nickerson, and Ryan Burgess for these positions, respectively. Here's looking ahead to an awesome year! The staff page will be updated after the next meeting. 

Less Upsetti, More Spaghetti (Bridges)! 

To kick off a fun year of scientific activities, the club split into teams and competed to build light-framed bridges from spaghetti to carry hanging weights. Overall, this was a great way to integrate new club members and get to know one another for the year ahead. Here are some pictures from the competition! 

Lots of smiling faces! (sm)

Per tradition, there became some hair-ghetti (sm)

Paige tests her bridge, Dr. Fraser moderating the event
as Gal cheers her on (sm)

Tom tests his team's bridge, which didn't end up balancing
out quite right... (sm)

Jarrod's team won the competition! Though this bridge wasn't the
lightest, it sure sustained quite a bit of weight! (sm)

In today's episode of Science in the Club, Will miraculously doesn't
get hurt in the name of science as he tests his bridge (sm)

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