Saturday, June 11, 2016

LIGO Pictures

LIGO was a blast! From a bus ride filled with laughter and countless games of Mafia to learning and exploring gravitational waves, the experience was surely one to remember. Let's look back at the fun times we shared. (ds) - Daniel took this picture (sm) - Sonja took this picture (nc) - Someone else took this picture

Entering the facility (ds)
Fun times on the bus! (ds)
Nick contemplates a game being played. (ds)

Serious props to this Mexican restaurant for serving all of us. (nc)
lunch (sm)
A model of the suspension system (sm)
Laser refraction model (ds)
Learning about how the LIGO works (ds)
(sm's father)
Looking out over the facility (ds)
We were all super psyched to see this room (ds)
"LOOK AT ALL THIS MATH!!" -probably everyone (sm)
Monitoring seismic activity (ds)
...I need dual-monitors. Right now. (ds)
Playing around with examples after the tour (sm)
(nc) All of us! 

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