Monday, March 14, 2016

Science Olympiad Regionals Debrief

Hey, everyone, and to the team, welcome back from Highline. Hope you all had a great day of testing, competing, and pizza-eating. There's lots of news to get through, and frankly, I don't know where to start, so let's just dig in and we'll cover it all.

Firstly- Photos! There are so many great photos, and lots of them are going up in the new banner that'll show up sometime around when my power gets back. You can find the photo album here, and a cool photo story that my Google+ put together here with pictures from Daniel.

Some highlights and thank-yous from the competition:

  • Congratulations to Daniel, Chris, Jason, Miyu, Sonja, and Ryan B. for placing in categories! 
  • Thanks go to Daniel and Mr. Marcus for ordering pizzas! Who knew that science could summon up such an appetite? In total, we ate two extra-larges, three larges, and a small. Yum! 
  • A huge THANK YOU to our coaches and parents for showing up on the big day to support and drive us places!! 
  • Woodinville High School took first place in Green Generation and Geologic Mapping, second place in Bridge Building, and third place in Write It, Do It! 
  • The biggest thank-you of all goes to Highline Community College and the event volunteers for making this day possible for us all! 
The scores for the events should be going up soon on the Science Olympiad Washington website, under 'scores'. (here) Check in the C Division to see the outcomes of all the events we participated in! 

Oh, and by the way...

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