Thursday, March 24, 2016

Meeting Notes 3/17/16

Whew - After crunching for competitions over the past few weeks, looks like meeting notes can be a thing again at least until Spring Break.

Housekeeping - All staff with e-mail redirects have been contacted to make sure things are still working. Minor changes made to attribution.

Science in the News

BDML Stanford Microbots! (Video)

BOSS Supercluster: Astronomers just observed the biggest collection of star stuff that we’ve seen so far. An international team of scientists described a huge wall of galaxies in a little-explored part of the cosmos. It’s over a billion light years long, bristling with 830 galaxies. They have dubbed it the BOSS Great Wall, named after the BOSS survey which spotted it.

ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter - probe developed by ESA and Roscosmos (Russia) to analyze atmospheric gases in order to monitor possible geologic or biologic processes. Launched March 14.
Fossil Hints T. Rex Got Smart Before it Got Big
A new find in the Atapuerca mountains in Spain has revealed the oldest Neanderthal ancestors found
to date. This new species, referred to as Sima hominins, was found to be about 430,000 years old. This data suggests that Neanderthals and human ancestors probably diverged about 400,000 years back.


If you're attending Science Olympiad (State level), hopefully you've gotten in touch with Daniel about getting a room and a ride to the event.

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