Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Week 19 (2/4/16) Meeting Notes

Science in the News Wk. 19

Zika Virus Outbreak
"On Monday, the World Health Organization announced an international health emergency over the spreading of the Zika virus. Currently, the amount of Zika virus cases has increased dramatically in South America, Africa, and Asia. The virus has recently started to spread to North America with the first cases being reported within the United States this week. The main concern with the Zika virus is that researchers working with the WHO have discovered that the virus is likely to cause microcephaly and other neurological disorders. With the current Zika outbreak in Brazil, Microcephaly numbers have jumped from 147 confirmed cases in 2014 to around 4000 suspected cases. The virus is transmitted primarily through mosquitoes in the Aedes genus." -Chris

Miscellaneous Meeting Notes

SCIENCE OLYMPIAD FORMS ARE DUE NEXT MEETING! More information in the next post.

Science Bowl Teams - Keep on working hard! Look for an e-mail from Dr. Fraser in your inboxes.

Hopefully you all got to see Macbeth by the lovely in-school theatre company. Science Bowl Team C had the most people attend of a defined group within the club.

Extra Credit: Find me at the next meeting and show me all the cool sciencey apps on your phone. I need new distraction forms. Must be iOS compatible and free. 

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