Saturday, February 13, 2016

Time-Sensitive: Order Your T-Shirt Today! (+ Meeting Schedule)

It's 11:00 PM and I'm writing a blog post, whoop-dee-doo!

Miyu's year's t-shirt design is the coolest thing. It's green and has science on it - what more could you want to represent the team with? (You know, besides matching manicures. Team Spa Day or what?) Daniel's set it up on CustomInk so that all you have to do is find your size (I suggest taking account of shrinkage, knowing this brand) and leave your name/e-mail, and Daniel will do the rest.

Remember, the t-shirts are on sale through Tuesday, and if you don't get yours ordered in by then, Daniel will do it for size XXXL.

Don't be that guy. Order your shirt today.

It's 12:09 AM and I'm continuing the blog post after a brief stop for sugar and more sugar

You should have gotten an e-mail recently from Daniel briefing the meeting schedule for this coming week. There are only 14 days left until the competition, so we are meeting up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30 at Dr. Fraser's house. The address is in the e-mail that was sent along. Please make sure to attend as many meetings as you can to prep for Bowl! 

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