Thursday, October 22, 2015

Meeting 10.22.15

Nick explains a psychics concept to the participants
Not too many notes for this time around. Today was the seventh meeting of the club - "Isn't that crazy?" in the repeated words of Daniel - and the furniture wars were continued by rolling around a table with Will laying down on it. With a low attendance (Gee, thanks, Princeton. Great day to show up and present.) Science in the News was short and the day's activities were attended to in slightly faster time than usual.

As mentioned last week, we were not able to celebrate the marshmallow roast. Luckily, this week proved to be better for the event, and while Science Bowl preparation went on, those not participating stood over a Bunsen burner with spaghetti and marshmallows, making s'mores with long-past-expired graham crackers.

The story of how graham crackers were invented was briefly brought up. It was decided that it would not be brought up here.

Club Science Bowl participants listen to a bonus question.

This week's Science Bowl questions weren't as physics/electronics intensive as they were astronomy, mathematic, and biology based. Overall, participants got a good taste of what those categories of questions would entail. Kudos goes to Will this week for answering a good amount of questions and bonus questions correctly in a row.

Make sure to show up to Science Club next week for a special Halloween-themed meeting! I'm sure something sciencey and spooky is in store.

bonus: As a spectator for the round, Daniel treats himself to a marshmallow after
correctly evaluating the answer to an astronomy question

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