Thursday, October 15, 2015

Meeting 10.15.15

I had a camera going throughout the building competitions.
Hey there! Let's get some updates going.

Today, October 15th, was the sixth meeting of Science Club. As usual, it started out with a battle of dominance for the rolling chair as everybody poured in. Once things got settled down (well, enough), Science In the News began.

Today's news stories included the following:

NASA Announces Three-Step Plan to Get Humans (Permanently) on Mars
UW and Buck Discover Possibility of Extending Lifespan by Potentially 60% With Removal of Genetic Portion
Boeing Announces "Lightest. Metal. Ever." via Only Slightly Informative Video*

*we hypothesize that this is because Airbus may be trolling releases for information that could help their own developments

We soon went on to the next part of the meeting - an engineering competition! Given raw spaghetti noodles, a marshmallow, some length of tape and some length of yarn, teams of three to four were given 10-15 minutes to construct a structure that would hold the marshmallow up securely at as great of a height as possible. The competition was conducted in two rounds, each yielding a different winning team. Congratulations to Team Spanish Moss for winning the second round by .1 centimeter!

Unfortunately, we were not able to initiate the marshmallow roast following the competition, and the event has been moved to next week.

Daniel attempts to settle the feverishly-building masses once time is up.
We had to do something with the leftover spaghetti...
Brooks: "I think it's twisting."
Me: "Okay. Well...nobody touch the table, breathe on the marshmallow, or speak loudly." 

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